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5 Ways to Brighten Your Living Room

Need to give your living a "fresh" look? We've got you covered! I want to share with you a few ideas to help give your living room a bright, open feel without having to break the bank.

1. Change out your pillows

Something as simple as changing out your pillows will definitely do wonders to your living room sofa. So, grab your keys and head over to your favorite store and purchase a few pillows!

Here are some tips on what pillows to buy:

  1. If you're looking for a colorful, bold look: get some pillows that combine some of your favorite colors. I'd suggest working with a minimum of 4 colors that contrast nicely, don't purchase pillows that have almost the same colors. It's okay to contrast, it really produces harmony and balance!

  2. Always add a pattern of some sort. Don't just purchase pillows with different solid colors. Add some pattern to keep it looking fresh, modern and trendy!

  3. When adding patterns, combine soft and geometric together, it will definitely create the perfect in-between feel.

  4. If you're not totally into color, stick to neutrals or black & white tones. Don't forget to add some pattern!

  5. Okay, okay...if you're not the kind of person who likes pattern, opt to add a splash of color on the coffee table décor. That way, you'll still keep your space looking modern and fresh.

2. Get some new coffee table décor

Okay, coffee table décor is definitely a huge MUST if you're thinking of freshening up your living room. Think of the coffee table as the one that brings the most attention to the sofa (also known as the focal point of the space). You want your coffee table to present the best first impression to the entire living room. In other words, do not skip this step.

  1. The coffee table is about how you want to present it. It sets the stage for the personality of the living room. If you like minimal or layering the décor for the coffee table, go for what suits you.

  2. The "Rule of 3's" a simple, yet important approach on decorating any table-top. What does it mean? Pairing at least 3 décor pieces on your coffee table. That's the minimum you work with. An example of putting this into play is adding 3 of your favorite pieces of decor and placing in a group together on the center of the coffee table. But make sure you mix it up. Don't pair 3 of the same things. Here's a tip: Grabbing an artificial plant, a stack of three books, and tall ceramic vase would be a beautiful combination on your coffee table. If you like more layering, go for it.

  3. Add some florals or artificial plants. Pairing a few plants with any piece of décor on your coffee table is best to make it fresh, airy and bright. You have the power to decide to get some of your favorite roses, or a beautiful artificial bouquet of florals.

  4. Layers are always important. Layering your coffee table with décor will always be important. It would be "too plain" if you just opted for a single centerpiece. Even in minimalist-style homes, you'll still find a little bit of layering on the coffee tables.

3. Switch out your area rug

You'd be surprised at how a room can look entirely different just by switching out the area rug. This is definitely an important aspect of giving the space a transformation. Sometimes, this is the part that most aren't daring enough to do. But here is some area rug inspiration that might change your mind.

When it comes to area rugs, the style options are endless. But it is important to select a new rug that complements the style of the living room.

  1. Neutrals are common. Keeping the area rug as neutral as possible is the overall common trend for any style. Whether modern, beachy, or traditional...neutral will help brighten it up and tie everything together.

  2. Bold patterns are definitely a good idea. If you already love bright and bold, this style option is for you. If you're considering bold patterns (like the last photo) opt for a black/white pattern and then popping color on the furniture, pillows or décor instead. That way, it's not too crazy.

  3. Jute rugs are perfect for the beachy look. Want to achieve a nautical or beachy feel to your living room? Just add a jute rug. This would complete that tropical feel you're aiming for.

  4. If you want to add color to the rug, go for softer patterns and colors that are soft and gentle. That way, you're not getting dizzy every time you walk into your living room. This is also a good choice to bring in those colors on your pillows and artwork.

4. Add bright, colorful artwork

  1. If you're an art enthusiast, get some of your favorite colorful pieces and create a collage on one of the walls of the room!

  2. If you prefer a more minimalist look, get a large canvas to center on one of the walls of the space. Here's a tip: select the wall that would be the main focal point of the room that everyone's eye would be drawn to.

  3. Abstract is always a must. Choosing abstract works for your living room will definitely make it sophisticated, fun, and bright.

  4. Canvas or framed: the choice is yours. Some people prefer hanging canvas, while others prefer framed works. The good news is, there is plenty to choose from! For a more sophisticated feel, choose artworks that are already framed. If you like a more casual feel, opt for canvas works without frames.

5. Get some floral arrangements.

We LOVE flowers! It is the perfect touch to any season, especially summer! Add a bouquet of your favorite flowers on the coffee and sofa tables, even your book shelves! It creates beautiful layers with a more natural feel to the space. Not only that, but it's a natural way to welcome nature inside your living room.

  1. Don't forget to go shopping for your favorite vases! You can use colorful ceramics (or white), and even glass!

  2. The floral arrangements depend on your taste and style. If you love the beachy-feel, opt for a more tropical arrangement by adding palm leaves with hibiscus flowers and lilies. For a modern look, add some of your favorite flowers but combine it with more neutral or white roses. Orchids are perfect for a modern feel. To achieve a colorful, mid-century modern, get some bright colors and have fun! If you're aiming for a traditional style, simply getting a classic bouquet of roses and greenery will achieve it.

What will you do to brighten your space?

I'd love to hear what you'd do to give your living room a fresh look. If you've been inspired by this post, tag #envisionitdesign or #thedesignhub on Instagram! We'd love to see what you did to transform your space!

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