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Here's Where it All Began...

Updated: May 14

Take an inside-look at our company's story of where it all began.

Before we get the ball rolling, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Jessica, one of the designers here at Envision It Interior Design. Not only will you find me collaborating on the design projects, but also right here...keeping you inspired and updated on everything about Envision It Interior Design. 💖

In case you hadn't had a chance to get to know more about us, feel free to read here. But I want to take a moment to introduce the beginning of our story.

With previous real estate experience as a realtor and investor, Tina Russell (Founder/CEO) has carried experience renovating several properties of her own, along with having a natural eye for design. Through the years, she has also gained experience working as a professional home stager for a local company right here in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Deep down, Tina felt the calling to continue to expand and explore a new business adventure. Thus introducing, Envision It Home Staging LLC.

Let's return to 2017 where it all began...

Previously known as: Envision It Home Staging LLC

Back in 2017, what began as new business venture as a home staging company with small inventory and using $500 in capital, Tina (our founder) had the faith and courage to start something she felt in her heart to do. It was a moment I'll never forget. Regardless of the circumstances that came her way, she carried herself with a firm confidence in Jesus as her partner to follow His leading. Along with her faith, the support from her family helped her obtain that first step. That's what landed her first client.

Tina walked out with a check in her hand on that breezy, spring afternoon. It was the first money we earned from home staging and we determined to do everything we could to make it happen with what we had. From shopping at thrift stores like Goodwill and ReStore to renting furniture from Buddy's Home Furnishings, this was our gracious beginning.

The more faithful Tina continued to be through each step, the more growth began to bloom.

In 2018, God expanded so much, which gave Tina the opportunity to open her first furniture retail store. It was a thrilling step that advanced our skills in the furniture industry, online sales, and knowledge in the everyday consumer marketplace.

Without these attained skills of being able to work with client budgets ranging between $500 to $100,000 + we wouldn't be where we are today. It was these skills and licenses we've gained from that season that also gave us the ability to connect with vendors and suppliers all over the USA today.

Lets fast forward a couple of years...

Envision It Home Staging LLC progressively received trusted, loyal clients all over the Tampa Bay area. As well as invitations to be featured on local radio, which led us to become one of the top competitive home staging companies in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The Need for Interior Design is Realized

It was then, our company began to be sought out for in-person and online assistance and innovative strategies for interior design. This was the moment we realized the need for interior design now more than ever. This was the moment Tina realized her gift to help people discover their personal style, while also providing design strategy to combine their styles in perfect harmony.

Tina's passion for every project came to life, she loves discovering each client's personal style and individual lifestyle. The best part of any project was getting to know every person, their interests, character and individual desires and needs.

Introducing: Envision Interior Design and Why We Love What We Do

You know, every project is MORE than an occupation or desire for success.

We both come to life everytime when:

  • Seeing the vision of our imagination come to life

  • Experiencing the process of every stage

  • Undivided unity and vision with our team for our clients

  • Sharing ideas with one another to conceive ways to add personal touches our client would love

  • Finally seeing the vision come to life when approaching the end of the project

  • To seeing the fulfillment, satisfaction and joy on our clients faces when they walk through the front door

These are the moments we love and live for. These moments are for you. 💖

Envision It Interior Design

Envision It Interior Design is the "rebrand" that represents the essence and goal of our company. Design has always been the main component of who we are. Without the stages of growth, expansion, skills, knowledge, licenses or experience...we couldn't have been able to be where we are now.

  • From having nothing but faith in hand...

  • To being the #1 sought out staging company in Tampa.

  • From being a furniture retailer...

  • To an interior design firm, specializing in luxury residential projects in the USA and abroad.

Faith, trust, commitment, hard work, growth, passion and joy is our story. And we hope our story reveals the passion we have to see dreams reality.

"Envision It was only the beginning of something that couldn't be imagined alone. Today, it serves as a doorway of opportunity not just for our clients, but to those who have none."

- Tina Russell

And you're a part of that story that began as unimaginable. Our goal here at Envision It Interior Design is to inspire, design, and take our broad vision, strategic design, and transform spaces into experiences.

Want to work with a company that aims to make unimaginable dreams possible? Contact us today.

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